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Fees and Payment

Please call my office for Information on the current fee structure. The practice is not a Bulk Billing practice; however, variations to the billing structure can be done depending on individual patient circumstances.

The Federal Government sets Medicare benefits arbitrarily. Over the years the benefit level has not kept up with inflation thereby widening the gap between reasonable fees and benefits. The costs of running a specialist practice are not covered by the Medicare rebates. I have made my best attempts to formulate my fee structure to be competitive and in accordance with the recommendations of the Australian Medical Association.

I recommend you register for the Medicare Safety Net by visiting the Medicare website: 

If you are eligible for the Medicare Safety Net this may provide you with additional rebates for your out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital services for the calendar year.

Additional fees may be involved when patients are referred to pathology, ultrasound specialists or other health care providers.