Gynaecological Services

Gynaecological problems are common and frequently cause disruption to a woman’s everyday life. Any gynaecological problem may be managed in a variety of ways.

I will listen to your individual concerns and propose a management plan in consultation with you. I will endeavour to provide you with the latest information on medical, surgical and alternate approaches with a scientific basis and suggest how I can assist you.

If you need surgery I aim to use minimally invasive techniques in keeping with the latest guidelines for all procedures. I offer laparoscopic (key hole) and vaginal hysterectomy for most cases. An abdominal hysterectomy (through a bikini line incision) may be required for a very large uterus and with certain other conditions. I will discuss the most suitable option with you.

I provide a wide range of Gynaecological Services which include:
Abnormal Menstrual bleeding and difficult periods
Including Endometrial Ablation, Removal of fibroids, Hysterectomy, removal of Polyps

Including Insertion of Mirena, Implanon, Tubal ligation

Fertility issues
Initial investigation and management

Period pain, pelvic pain and Ovarian cysts
Laparoscopic surgery including excision of mild to moderate endometriosis, cyst removal, Abnormal pap smears and colposcopy.

Prolapse/Urinary Incontinence
Vaginal hysterectomy, prolapse repair, pessary placement and removal.

Menopause and Postmenopausal Bleeding
Hormone replacement therapy, alternative therapies, investigation and management of abnormal bleeding

Adolescent Gynaecology
A sensitive approach and careful explanation and management to young women and girls regarding gynaecological problems such as menstrual irregularities, heavy &/or painful periods, no periods, sex and sexuality, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, cervical cancer (HPV) vaccinations, genital anomalies.